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Accident Scan provides an accurate and cost effective way to analyze if a car has been in an accident. Accident Scanner will pinpoint which area has been involved in an accident in moments.From your Iphone, during daylight time use the app to take pictures 1 inch from different parts of your car to determine if your car has been in an accident.

  • Accident Scan will detect car accidents Carfax will not.
  • Accident detects variations in the paint, so you know which part was repainted
  • Users save an average of $500 off the price of the car

This App Scans Paint To Know When A Car Has Been Repaired

The body shop owner who has fixed several cars for me over the years sys he can look at a car’s finish and tell if it’s been repaired and repainted. That’s an impressive talent, but I can’t drag him along when I go shopping for a new or used car. What I can take along is Accident Scan, an iPhone app that promises to also tell an untouched vehicle from one that’s been repaired.

The app uses the phone’s camera to collecting analyze the paint work on various areas of a car’s surface, including fenders doors and bumpers. The app identifies variations in the paint and in moments, it pinpoints which area or areas that have been involved in an accident. Other services that track a car’s history record when an insurance claim has been filed. But they don’t help if someone had a car repaired without using their insurance company.

The developers of Accident Scan say it is the only tool in the market that is able to identify accidents and repairs without using an on-site expert. Accident Scan is available for $3.99 in the iTunes App Store. To learn more about how the app works, check out the video below.Vivamus a placerat ante. Duis vulputate nibh sit amet augue vehicula, mattis viverra purus tristique. Integer lobortis erat in placerat fermentum. Sed luctus varius leo ac posuere. Integer eget est vitae dolor. Duis vulputate nibh sit amet augue vehicula, mattis viverra purus tristique. Proin commodo eu ipsum eu suscipit.

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  • This app is fantastic. I was looking forward to buying a used car and this app helped to show that it had been in an accident. I would highly recommended this app to anyone who is looking forward to buying aused car. It was extremely helpful and I will certainly use it in the future!

    Life Saver
  • Was Buying a sued car, this app showed the car had bodywork the owner didn't disclose to me. Was able to save $800 dollars on the deal, I think the previous owner was caught off guard gave me a great deal. Love this app worth every penny.

    Great App Saved $800
  • Update is awesome, now the app gives me the amount i need to deduct off the price of a car once it finds the car has an accident... Love it!!

    Much Better then Carfax
  • Tested this on my own car. Was Accurate, A must have for anyone buying a car. this is a total game change.


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